How does it work?

Let's take bob as an example. Bob works at Orange University. He registered the address with us.

Bob uses his as his contact address everywhere, and everytime someone sends him an email, it is automatically redirected to his work email,

Bob gets a new position at Apple University. His work email changes to

Bob contacts us, and we change the redirection from his old email address to his new email address.

Bob does not have to tell everyone that his address has changed. He will still receive all the emails sent to, but on his mailbox from now on.

Bob is a happy camper!

We can offer the same service for Bob’s webpage. By registering the URL with us, we will keep a redirection from this address to wherever Bob’s hosting his webpage. So if he changes of hosting, his URL can stay the same, we just redirect it to the new location!

Note that we can also offer this service with the domains,, and